WB Trainee

Company Name:
Agri Beef
Dept #: 619 - Training
Job Title: Clean Plate Bones (Trainee)
Job #: 619-02
Production Standard: 46.88 pcs per hour
Environmental Conditions: Approximately 42o F
Required Equipment: Hard hat, Hair net, Frock, Rubber boots
Personal Protective Equipment: Mesh glove (non-knife hand), No-cut glove (knife hand), Armguard (non-knife side), Mesh apron, Eye protection
Tools Required: Straight knife (dominant hand), Hand hook (non-dominant hand), Steel (for sharpening, Scabbard (waist-level storage)
Job Description: The main responsibility of this job is to remove meat segments from the rib bone with a straight knife. The work stations are located at floor level at the Training Table on the Fabrication floor. The work stations are accessed at floor level. The rib bones are transported to the Training Table via a conveyer belt. The employees retrieve the rib bones from the conveyer belt or from a stack near the workstation. The employee removes the meat segments from the rib bone with the straight knife and places the meatless rib bone on the overhead bone conveyor. The employee then gathers the separated meat segments and places them into a barrel behind the workstation. Sharpen knife as needed.
Job Tasks
Retrieve Rib Pieces and Position Knife - ESSENTIAL
Retrieve rib pieces at workstation and position rib bone and knife for trimming/cutting.
Remove Plate Fingers - ESSENTIAL
Remove meat segments from the rib bone with straight knife using an average of 13.6 cuts per piece.
Separate Meat Pieces - ESSENTIAL
Separate rib bone on overhead bone conveyor. Simultaneously, aside knife at workstation. Gather meat segments and place in barrel behind workstation. Retrieve knife from workstation for next piece.
Sharpen Knife
Sharpen knife as needed (sharpening frequency of once per two pieces or 0.5 per piece)
Must be able to work in a 42 degree room temperature. Must be able to lift, push & pull 10 to 40 lbs. Must be willing and able to use a knife in repetitive motion.
Requisition Number: 14-0130
Post Date: 7/7/2014
Title: WB Trainee
City: Toppenish
State: WA

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