WB Trainee-Sanitation

Company Name:
Agri Beef
Dept # 681 - Sanitation Training
Job Title: Sanitation Trainee (Night Shift)
Environmental Conditions: Approximately 65 to 70 degrees
Machines, Tools & Equipment: Water hoses (50 to 120 degree water), machinery, hard hat, gloves, hair net, safety glasses, safety goggles, scrub pads, rubber pants, rubber boots, hard hat, plastic kneepads, disinfectants, diluted chemicals, acid wash pump can and rain gear
Job Description: the core responsibility of the Sanitation Trainee is to clean walls, floors, workstations, machinery and parts with the production room of a slaughter house with a hose that sprays 180 degree hot-water.
Essential Job Tasks
Spray Surfaces: Hook hose up to water faucet turns on water by pushing valve and releasing latch. Point nozzle at walls, floors, equipment, and machinery; sprays all surfaces thoroughly.
Scrubbing: Hand scrubs all machinery and equipment with disinfectant foam while carrying an approximately 15 pound bucket.
Spray Acid Wash: Spray acid wash inside stainless steel cabinet where beef product passes through.
Inspect: Inspect areas that may or may not need further cleaning and clean as necessary.
Requirements: Must be able to bend, twist continually, using high-pressure hot water hose, squeegees, shovels and chemicals. Must be able to lift up to 40 pounds. Must be able to handle required equipment in a repetitive manner
Requisition Number: 14-0223
Post Date: 12/5/2014
Title: WB Trainee-Sanitation
City: Toppenish
State: WA

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