Waste Water Operator Intern

Washington Beef is a beef processing plant that is committed to environmental stewardship, sustainability, and preservation of natural resources through recycling by-products, composting, water reclamation, and methane gas utilization. Washington Beef has a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant to help it meet its' commitment to the environment.
We are looking for an intern who is committed to learning what it takes to operate a unique and progressive wastewater treatment plant. The internship will provide an opportunity for a future wastewater operator to gain knowledge and experience in all aspects of operating a wastewater treatment plant. The intern will report to the Wastewater Treatment Plant Manager and work directly with the wastewater treatment plant team.
Responsibilities and Tasks:
Gather data
Collect samples
Perform lab testing for process control
Perform biological nutrient removal study
Assist staff in related duties
Meet Junior or Senior level student in Wastewater Treatment (preferred)
Minimum GPA of 3.0
Strong communication skills (written, verbal and presentation)
Strong analytical skills
Comfort around higher management
Ability to relocate Summer 2019 (May ? August, dependent on school term)
Working towards a bachelor's or master's degree in: Environmental Science, Chemistry, Chemical or Civil Engineering.
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